Impossible to lose – Special Strategy – Binary Options 2018

Impossible to lose – Special Strategy – Binary Options 2018

The reason I use IQ Option over other Binary Option Trading platforms, is that it often has pairs with profits of more than 80 percent. This is important if you want to make winnings with the Martingale strategy as presented in this video series.

If you check the platform, you will sometimes find profits of 90 percent. If you can combine that with rule number 1, which is to pick stable pairs, you will definitely make profits.

So here we have, 1, A stable pair, and 2, Profits of over 80 percent.
Since this is a stable graph, we can say it will go up looking at the trend, so we buy a call option for $1. If we lose, we will bid in the opposite direction with a new bet of $3.

However, if we win on this bet, we will maintain our bid at $1, but go in the opposite direction. If it happens that we lose our $3 bet as well, we will raise the next to $8 and bid in the opposite direction. With profits of 80+ percent, and the stable graph, we will get all our money back plus all our profits.

I make about $400 a day on IQ option using the Martingale Strategy. I used to be a struggling taxi driver before I picked up Binary Options Trading. I slowly learned the rules the hard way, and lost money a number of times.

If you stick to these IQ Option Martingale Strategy rules, you will have a much easier start.