Cardi B flirts A Rob Kardashian? everything seems to indicate that YES

Cardi B is so positive and supportive! But now, people think she may have been flirting with the Kardashian! People, please!

The Bodak Yellow rapper stumbled upon a photo that showed Rob Kardashian’s progress with his weight loss program, and she felt like congratulating him for the noticeable change in physique.

After all, he worked hard to get to where he is now …. right?

Fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians are well aware that the only son of the reality TV family has been struggling with his weight for years.

We’re sure the boost of confidence from the hottest female rapper at the moment was well received.

‘Yaaaas Rob!!’ Cardi commented under the side-by-side pics which by the way, are not real.

Well, the ‘after’ one at least isn’t as it was obviously edited to make it look like Rob has lost a lot of the extra weight.

Still, the vote of confidence is what counts here, but was she really flirting with Rob?

A lot of fans seem to believe so.

Not too long ago, the man admitted he misses his old self which means he definitely doesn’t like what he sees in the mirror these days.

Soon after, Rob received a lot of support and love from his fans and friends.

It was exactly what he needed.

We know that his sister Khloe has been helping Rob get into shape so he’ll probably look like the heavily edited pic Cardi commented on sooner than we imagine.

‘Khloe is making it her mission to get Rob healthy again. She has a couple of months left before her baby arrives and her big priority’s getting Rob back on track. He is grateful for her help, and so far he seems really motivated. He says he wants to get back to himself again; he misses that life. Rob is actually making progress, he has not lost a ton of weight yet, but he is down about 15 pounds, so it is a good start. Khloe’s challenged him to drop another 20 by the time she has her baby, that is the goal,’ one insider dished.